Western Industrial-military-media complex and its immoral promotion of Myanmar's official lies

The violence against Burma's ethnic and religious minorities or the plight of the poor Buddhist Burmese farmers who make up the bulk of the population, is NOT what concerns the so-called international community, beyond it making the right noises and barking liberal words. 

But, for the Washington Establishment magazine, this picture that captures an intimate moment between a murderous Burmese general the  Nobel Lady of Immoral Silence over Muslim genocide, the internal colonial war against Christian Kachins and Buddhist farmers' dispossession during the Army Day is more important than such international trivia as the genocide of the Rohingya, the neo-Nazi "Buddhist" violence against the Burmese muslims, the internal colonial war against the Christian Kachins, or the land grab from the bulk of the country's Buddhist farmers.

The international media is repeating Myanmar regime's official line, nay, LIE - that the military is holding the country together and that the religious and ethnic violence is an inevitable or expected by-product of the country's 'democratic transition' - is way beyond western journalists' intellectual laziness or stupidity.  Many of them are in fact the 'cream of the crop' in their own country's educational system and social background.

They however, do know which side of the Myanmar bread is buttered.

So, they are simply licking Naypyidaw-men's testicles because they think that will serve the Anglo-American -and greater Western - interests, governmental, ideological, organizational and individual.

Remember how these scums covered the issue of WMD and the invasion of Iraq?
Ask Seymour Hersh. He can tell you most of the American editors and publishers are immoral scums who in times of "national interests" and immoral imperialist "wars" have closed ranks with the CIA and the Pentagon.

Repeatedly, Hersh's verdict over the Western mainstream media is 'guilty as charged'.

"But pieces of the unresolved past are posing challenges to reform. The end of military rule, which held this multi-ethnic, multi-religious nation together with an iron fist, has unleashed sectarian violence between Buddhists and Muslims."  

See a sample of this bullshit from the Associated Press and Washington Post.  Here is another from The Economist.

Here - Race is on for ports, pipelines in Myanmar - is what lies behind the western mainstream media's collaborative role in helping spread the self-serving lies of Myanmar's genocidal regime in Naypyidaw. 


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