My 22-minute in-depth analysis of Burma's most troubling developments, New York's Pacifica News Station

Interview with Maung Zarni

Broadcast, 2100 hrs EST, New York, 25 March 2013

This 22-minutes audio-analysis of mine covers virtually every important aspect of the developments in Burma, including the anti-Muslim violence, the way the regime typically strategizes, the rationales behind the reforms, the complicit role of the international community, especially Western interests, the role of the Burmese military and militarized State in the waves of anti-Muslim violence, the land confiscation for mining and mega-development projects, Aung San Suu Kyi's neutered politics, the regime's attempts to roll back the reforms, the international media's typically shallow and at times rather inaccurate and inadequate coverage of Burma.

It has some solid educational value. It is based on my 2-decades of grounded research on my own country of birth and some years of first-hand engagement with the regime in Burma.

It starts at 10 minutes and 10 seconds and ends around 32 minutes.

It was broadcast last night at 2100 hr EST in New York (25 March).

Listen here.

Here is the info about Burma program on the radio station -

New York City's free speech Pacifica News station that operates out of the Empire State Building on Wall Street.

Anti-Muslim Violence in Burma


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