Nazism is not alien to the Myanmerse in Sein-Kyi's Burma

"Visitors to Myanmar these days often encounter young men in T-shirts emblazoned with a red swastika in a circle and the word "Nazi" written above. World War II-style motorcycle helmets decorated with the fascist emblem are also en vogue on the streets of Yangon".

Nazi (is) chic in new Myanmar- yes.   And it is not even alien to us!

If you want to adopt the Burmese as your 'scholarship's pets', nothing will stop you.

But, PLEASE... stop serving up stupid expertly explanations and excuses.

When it comes to murder and crimes, ignorance is no excuse.

Certainly, when it comes to embracing signs and symbols of Nazism it should not be a scholarly or expertly explanation.

The fact is the Burmese know who Hitler was, what Nazism was all about - and they - I won't use the word 'we', because I no longer feel Burmese enough to consider me a Burmese, so, yes traitor to the Nth degree, and proudly so -- talk about him and his devastating sickness approvingly.

As a matter of fact, the official texts during Ne Win's period did explain what Nazism was all about. Everyone who studied history in grade school - which was everyone who went beyond the 5th grade - knew Hitler masterminded the Final Solution. My mother was historian and history teacher. I crawled around history text books.

The fact is the Burmese of my grandparents and parents' generations were cheering on the side of the Nazis during the World War II - because they wanted the colonizer Brits to be defeated. With the news of German U-boats sinking Allied Ships anywhere, crowds of news-loving Burmese would burst into loud applause in public spaces - or at someone's house with a radio.

They romananticized the Japanese Fascism.

With the exception of hard-core Communists, virtually all Burmese nationalists embraced Fascist Japan as their military patron and their liberator. There is certainly no such thing as fascist/Nazi liberator, they discovered belatedly.


There have always been symptoms of blood-thirsty neo-Fascism within our 'Buddhist' culture and society.

Even the famed writer Maung Htin, writing in the Army's Psych War Department magazine "Myawadi", felt a need to speculate that the Burmese troops must have been extremely ruthless and militaristic towards weaker peoples and kingdoms.

He based his speculations on the level of hatred that the defated peoples felt towards the Burmese (troops and rulers), that is, most of the neighoring kingdoms, including the once independent Arakanese, the Siamese, the Manipurans and the Assamis.

Our culture condones VIOLENCE - and I am not sure in what ways the Burmese and the Burmese society are Buddhist?

In every awesome Buddhist temple and pagoda there were buried hundreds and thousands of skeletons of forced laborers, war prisoners and 'pagoda slaves'.

Nazi is chic - yes.   And it is not even alien to us although we call ourselves "Buddhists"!


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