Naypyidaw's campaigns of lies, wars and divide and conquer

President Thein Sein and Karen National Union Peace Delegation

Soaked in blatant lies, official propaganda and nationalist delusions, Naypyidaw's generals and ex-generals are playing a serial game of 'divide and conquer' with the Kachins, the Karens, and the Bama-led nationalistic NLD.

In their Orwellian world of doublespeak, bombings and air raids against the Kachins in their own ancestral land in Northern Burma are "self-defense".  

Meanwhile, Thein Sein talked up the 'third phase of reforms' serving up "good governance" to western "donors", self-serving and immoral UN agencies and the likes of the World Bank and the ADB.

The earlier waves of impactful reforms included 1) the genocidal wave against the Rohingya and other Muslims in Western Burma and 2) teaching loving kindness neo-fascist monks a lesson in how NOT to encroach on the military's assets - like copper mines.

Naypyidaw knows that they can count on the international media to dutifully repeat its spin - Good Governance!  WOW, Thein Sein is now launching the third phase of reforms - verbatim, without offering important contextual information.

As for the international community, they all need some ideological smokes screen to move in on to a new 'brothel of resources', an emerging cheap labor force, a new market for all kinds of reject and about-to-be-decommissioned items, and new mega-loans.

So, 'good governance' comes from the barrel of guns and fighter-bombers, as far as the Kachin experience.

These Bama militarists intent on delivering 'good governance' to Kachin communities via fighter jets and Swedish-made anti-rank Gustaf weaponry are playing this game as I write.

After all, they have succeeded in playing a similar game with the Rakhine skin-heads vis-a-vis the Rohingya which Ne Win's regime began to single out as the target population for destruction.

Now Thein Sein himself is 'playing peace-maker' - that's his assigned role - with the Karen National Union while his troops have been bombing and raiding Kachin positions as if the Kachins were our country's enemy.

Neither the Karen National Union leadership nor the Bama-led nationalist NLD of Aung San Suu Kyi has said any words - let along taken acts - of solidarity with the Kachins - nor have they said anything humane or humanistic about the genocide of the Rogingya.

Here the militarists in Naypyidaw are winning.

For the oppressed who should know better are only sticking to their own petty self-interests.

Don't expect anything intellectually or political solid coming of the NLD leadership.  When Mommy Suu exhorted matronizingly the NLD supporting masses 'not to expect any savior' she is absolutely right.  

NLD has become a party of every woman for herself.

Just like Burmese Buddhism, both in the state's rhetoric and the mass level practices, the NLD's democratic leadership is all about form - not substance.  

The alternative to forms and substancelessness of Aung San Suu Kyi and her opposition is Naypyidaw's lies, airraids and fire-bombing.

I suppose the opposition is nobler, in the Burmese context.

But that doesn't say much.  


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