Myanmar's New Gates of Hell

Nazi chic in the new Myanmar

Myanmar has arrived already not at the threshold of irreversibility  in terms of its democratization, but at gates, which Rodin would easily recognized as the Gates of Hell, that is, “Buddhist” and unqualified Nazi Hell.

Yes, I am talking about that Myanmar of odd reformist political ‘couple’, Thein Sein and Aung San Suu Kyi, in that award-winning marriage of strategic symbiosis.

Yes, I am referring to the same Myanmar which ‘world leaders’ and their personal secretaries tick on the check lists of ‘to gos or to have beens’.

The typically too excitable US leaders had described Myanmar's reforms that Sein-Kyi supposedly ushered in as a model transition.  Washington's favorite rogue states such as N. Korea and Iran must emulate the new behaviour of their old business partner in Naypyidaw.  Of course.  

US President Obama travelling to Myanmar in mid-November last year on the heel of his re-election victory was supposed to have been a victory lap of for him.  Myanmar in extraordinary democratic transition, Obama dreamed of showcasing as a product of his wise-crack US foreign policy.

Unfortunately for Mr Obama, the events in Myanmar are taking neo-Fascist and internally colonialist turns.  It must feel like Mr President has gotten an unmistakable Middle Finger from Naypyidaw.  He thought they had grabbed the presidential hand which he extended to the rogues in neo-fascist capital of Naypyidaw.  

Mr Obama is not alone in being given a big MF by Naypyidaw's reformers.  

There might literally be hundreds of 'reckless optimists’, from among the rank and files of the Great Washed.  That is, all sorts of journos, philistines, pundits, technocrats, academics, endowed chairs, researchers, think tankers, and you get the drift.  Some  are noble and some simply opportunistic and self-seeking. But all Naypyidaw's fools (or "Stalin's idiots"), no less.

There there have been hyped up talks of  poverty eradication, currency rate change, privatization, ‘good governance’, dismantling official censorship in return for strict self-censorship, letting the regime’s old time Enemy Number One - the Lady of Latter-day Silence over Burmese Wars and Genocide -- transition from home prison to neo-Fascist parliament, welcoming US war ships, and seeking out ‘new friendship’ with the Pentagon.

But most importantly,  the reformists in Naypyidaw have simply let all Hell break loose when it comes to matters of its 'core strategic interests' in Western Burma (cleansing the commercially and strategic vital region of Muslims), trying to bring the Kachin resistance to its knees in an equally important strategic region in Nothern most region, or firebombing monks who trampled on Chinese-Burmese joint interests. 

The generals and ex-generals have accelerated their four decades of neo-Fascist Bama military’s genocidal and ethnocidal policies against the 800,000-Rohingya since last June.  They created for themselves the space for deniability and played the neutral referee while quietly out-souring to the hatred-soaked Rakhine bigots  - neo-Nazi hounds really - the job of conducting a full-scale genocide there.    

(Yes, genocidal. You don’t need technocrats, academics and lawyers to tell you what is and what is NOT genocide, just read the bloody ‘UN Convention of Genocide Prevention and Punishment’. The West or the Rest is choosing not to call the Rohingya genocide a genocide simply out of strategic interests and commercial and political calculations, but that does not make it NOT a genocide).

If the unfolding genocide and ethnocide  were not enough to convince the reform’s cheer-leaders, domestically or internationally, who have drunk the cool-aid of ‘reckless optimism’  of the unchanged nature of the regime in Naypyidaw, President Thein Sein and his backseat-drivers demonstrated that they were not push-overs and no one should think of messing with them - when it comes to the military and generals' core interests.   

Who, better than Saffron monks to use as a medium of their message  - that the generals are determined to hold on to everything that matters to them?

After all, Thein Sein himself had framed them as ‘racist’ instigators of mass violence against the ‘illegal Bangalis’.  And the monks were jelling with the rural communities in protesting against the Chinese-Burmese military mining projects.

They threatened the military’s core interests, the generals would of course teach them a lesson, revered racist sons of Lord Buddha or the unwanted 'Bangali illegals'.

The Rohingyas got mass expulsion and slaughter while the anti-mine monks got fire-bombed.  

The Lady has learned her lesson the hard way, herself.  So she keeps immoral silence over major issues, ah, like the genocide of the Rohingya in the West or the colonial war against the Kachins in the North.  

The generals have already taught the ‘Bangali Kalar’ or niggers from Bangladesh, a lesson in genocide while making the Rakhine skin-heads eternally indebted to the military for letting them wipe out the Rohingya populations and take their land, business, houses and other economic assets.

Enter the defiant Kachins realize that Naypyidaw's hands are no longer tied to other nasty jobs.

TNaypyidaw has already ‘neutered’, figuratively of course, our Aunty Suu through various manipulative acts and sugar-coated words.  They have been  dangling before her eyes a rather attractive idea of her as President in 2015.  

(One famous astrologer for tourists has even expedited the coronation of the Lady of Latter-day Silence and Immorality to 2014.   But don't hold your breath for such a public display of otherworldly stupidity).  

The reformist generals also know that they have played the West and the Rest really well, speaking the language of neo-liberal reforms - like 'good governance' ?

So, free at last from the political and PR constraints.

Naypyidaw has ordered the final assault, Sri Lankan-style, on the Kachins running air raids and firing from Putin's gunship helicopters.

The sins of the Kachins?  Being in their own homeland, sitting on the resources and occupying strategic routes.

Nearly 2 years since the old fox - Senior Statesman Than Shwe - implemented his game plan, Than Shwe Inc has been raking in political, monetary and legitimacy dividends - development, humanitarian, loans, debt forgive-ness, you name it.

Meanwhile, the Burmese 'Buddhist' society with lovely racists is experiencing a wonderful Fascist turn.

Freedom of expression, of course, in a new Myanmar, thanks to that Sein-Kyi couple.

You may now express your latent worldviews, no matter how sick,  alarming and depraved,.  Just don't ask for your land back from the street, Peace, or healthy Environment - clean from toxins and toxic waste from the military-Chinese copper mines.

Myanmar is entering the Age of Free Nazi Expression indeed.

I have been calling my society’s emerging new philosophy “neo-Fascist” to the outrage of, well, skin-heads and other bigots.

Surely, most Burmese know Hitler gassed millions of Jews and others in Europe.   Remember our forefathers and -mothers cheered on as the German U-Boats sank Allied ships in the Atlantic, including the merchant marines?

And many Burmese certainly approve of genocidal acts, themselves believers in purity 'race' 'blood' 'religion' and 'language'.   Just read the Burmese language social media to know that they are largely Hitlerites.    And in Sein-Kyi's Myanmar they - yes, they, not we, because I don't count myself a Burmese if it means a skin-head -- don't think there is anything wrong with Nazism.

If you think I am exaggerating ask the Rohingya, the Kachin, the Chin, the Karen, the Mon, the Shan, and so on.

As cultural - as opposed to practizing - Buddhists, the Burmese have no Mesiah or Savior or Liberator who will come to meet them at their gates of Nazi "Buddhist" Hell.

They will certainly be there for a while. 

Well, maybe I am just recklessly pessimistic!  Let's hope so.  

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  1. Dr. Zarni,

    Keep up the "good" work of Independent Ideas and thoughts. In "our" Century it is good to have intellectuals like you to criticize or advocate the norms of freedom, justice and knowledge alive and well. Especially Burma/Myanmar needs both you and Aung San Suu Kyi! Myanmar had lost a full generation of educated persons which make the nation go poor and slavery. There are no mass able educated Burmese to lead Burma right now because of stupid and idiot Burmese Generals and military. No wonder Burma is in ruin and thank God, she/Burma now is picking up all the shattered pieces and put them back like a jigsaw puzzle. People like you and Suu Kyi can help Burma back to it’s track again.


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