Burmese academic resigns from Brunei university over censorship

Radio Australia
January 29, 2013

A Burmese academic and human rights activist has resigned from his position at a Brunei university, complaining of censorship.

Dr Maung Zarni says the University Brunei Darussalam has "punished" him for speaking out about the violence between mainly-Muslim Rohingyas and mainly-Buddhist ethnic Rakhine in Burma.

Presenter: Liam Cochrane

Speaker: Dr Maung Zarni, visiting fellow at London School of Economics


  1. creditable! warmly welcome n highly appreciation, deeply gratitude to honorable intellectual sir Dr. zarni maung. actually your resignation confirmed that the truth lovers are never rapacious for holding presidency and are not the slave of luxury. indeed it will be historically recorded your such noble resignation opposing the censorship of Brunei University on free, fair addressing toward the truth concerned human rights.dear sir u r popular n renowned much more than ever for your excellency, kicking the colonial rule of such brilliant students yield brunei University.really it is a great thing that u deserved from your exposing the truth hidden behind Brunei University ; actually the depraved minded people passed the resettlement to criminally silence their voices against Rohingya plight crisis.dear sir it is terribly shameful n disgusting for the Brunei University chief who control that University; and i, the critic against the Brunei University challenged that never they would meet with another intellectual like u, Dr. zarni. salute to u dear dr. zarni. according to this wise saying :'' all are not people that are in the court, truth prevails everything'' the ruling council of Brunei University are not real human beings.dear sir dr. zarni I'm sure that u will never die spiritually from this earth though u die physically.this is my last appreciation to u.may the Lord of both Worlds protect u n guide u more.verily, there is not any suspicion that since 1942 Rohingya coming encountering human rights violation from Myanmarese majority Group under Dictatorship n pseudo reformist president thein sein .

  2. dear intellectuals all over the world including Rohingya sisters n brothers please come approach altogether to cast poll for particular nomination to this world most honest gentleman,the most brilliant intellectual ,the most talented writer,the most skilled researcher,the more precisely critic,the most successfully leading role mastermind against racism,etc sir Dr. ZARNI Maung in the upcoming Noble Peace Price Award 2013.let's vote for him as he deserved it from his childhood who never betrayed nor violates to any law under international standardization.


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