Watch The Hidden Genocide this weekend and make up your own mind, Al Jazeera responds to Myanmar govt criticism

Responding to the preemptive Myanmar foreign affairs ministry press release criticising Al Jazeera’s film about the violence in the country this year, the network encouraged viewers to watch the film this weekend and make up their own mind.

The filmmaker Phil Rees will take questions online after the programme - the exact time will be confirmed on the Al Jazeera website.

Phil Rees said that the strong evidence in the documentary was gathered despite the challenges in getting access to refugee camps and areas cut off from the outside world:

“We made this film because the events that took place needed a forensic unpicking. We made sure that we took first hand testimony from people affected rather than relying on hearsay. I hope viewers find it informative.”

The exchange between Al Jazeera and the Myanmar government comes as UN humanitarian coordinator Valerie Amos is in the country describing the situation in the refugee camps as “dire”.

A press release and trailer for the film can be found here

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