Photos emerge of anti-Muslim witch hunt in Burma, Francis Wade

A few weeks ago I warned that a witch-hunt may begin in western Burma after a group of influential monks in the town of Sittwe instructed Arakanese to seek out and harass local Muslims. Following a meeting in October at a local monastery, the monks had circulated a document calling on Arakanese to “expose sympathisers of Bengali Kalars [Kalar is a derogatory term for people of South Asian descent] as national traitors along with photos and spread the information to every township”.

It came in the wake of months of fighting between Muslim and Buddhist communities in Arakan state that has resulted in discoveries of mass graves and apartheid-like segregationist measures.

Now two photos have emerged that apparently show this witch-hunt to be well under way. Two Arakanese men are pictured being paraded around with placards around their neck. One man, allegedly from the town of Myebon near Sittwe, wears one sign that reads “’I am a traitor and slave of Kalar”.

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Source:  Asian Correspondent


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