Myanmar's Reforms: The 2nd leg of the interview with Maung Zarni, The Nation TV, 2 Dec 2012

"The Burmese generals have been destroying the country for the past 50 years."

"Aung San Suu Kyi and the generals have no concrete deals."

"She is now, wittingly or unwittingly, extremely useful to the generals."

"Constitutional Amendment, not even theoretically possible."

"Thein Sein is not the man who is  making decisions.  Thein Sein is at best their best salesman, a marketing agent.    What Thein Sein contributes is Hollywood A Class quality performance lying to the world with a straight face."

"Americans are desperate to get back in (the game of balance of power) within the ASEAN region.

Maung Zarni, The Nation TV, 2 Dec 2012


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