Gotama the Enlightened would give these scums two big Fingers

Gotama the Enlightened would give two super-size, super-human fingers to all of these scums from India, China, Myanmar, that is, monk-firebombers and their regime enablers in Beijing and Delhi. 

The Burma story is getting increasingly pathetic and pathological.

Buddhist monks led the skin-head rallies against the Rohingya on the prompt of the regime intelligence networks.

The ruling Defender of the Faith, on its part, firebombed the monks after the latter served its purpose of mobiilzing myopic and neo-Fascist "Buddhist" racism against the Islamic pressure from OIC, etc.

During the 'good ol' days' of U Nu's parliamentary democracy (1948-58), the spirit-worshipping U Nu who thought that his meditation sent good vibes to the end of the Vietnam war, the "Buddhist" prime minister Nu received loads of CIA 'grant' as a tacit support for keeping Burmese communists at bay.

On their part, they used that CIA grant to build the "World Peace Dome" (or Gaba-Aye) - which was located not far from the Defense Industry No 1 in Rangoon.  The place was the venue for  the Sixth Buddhist Synod held as part of the anti-Communist strategy. 

In those days, Burmese Communists were portrayed by the Nu-Kyaw Nyein government as Number One Threat to the Buddhist Nation of Burma.  Towards that end, the Ministry of Defense Psych-war Division was doing all kinds dirty little tricks like beheading Buddha images and then posting the images of headless Buddhas on the front pages of local Burmese language newspapers and other publications. Of course, the Communists did it, who else??!

(Kinda like each time a Buddhist woman was raped, it was always the Kalars, the Muslims as if the Burmese generals and their troops had never laid their hands on countless number of ethnic and religious minority women and girls!  They granted themselves not just the License to Kill, but to Rape as well.)

Now that the Burmese communists were all dead except as bloggers, Muslim Rohingya have been framed as a new threat to the "Buddhist" nation!

This is all deja vu, all over again.

All this abuse of my most favorite secular Humanism makes me cringe. 

Here is a lovely development in further soiling Buddhism - India-China ‘battle for Buddha’ reaches Myanmar 
, which is experiencing a Nazi turn which prompted the world's renown Buddhists to publish not so-gentle-a-reminder to Burma's genocidal "Buddhists" about compassion and mindfulness.  

They might as well. 

Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the chief of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was no so gentle in his characterization of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Buddhist-(Leader)-in-Chief when he  said "She's only interested in the human rights of the Buddhists because they are human beings and the Muslims are not".


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