Expert warns of Rohingya genocide, Al Jazeera English and Arabic, 8 Dec - 13 Dec

According to Prof. Schabas, one of the foremost experts on international criminal law, “We’re moving into a zone where the word can be used (in the case of the Rohingya). When you see measures preventing births, trying to deny the identity of the people, hoping to see that they really are eventually, that they no longer exist, denying their history, denying the legitimacy of the right to live where they live, these are all warning signs that mean that it’s not frivolous to envisage the use of the term genocide.”

The findings are the result of a four-month investigation into events in western Myanmar this June 2012. It is produced by British filmmaker Phil Rees and will be broadcast at the following times:

Al Jazeera English (GMT)
Sun 9th Dec 0600
Mon 10th Dec 2000
Tue 11th Dec 1200
Wed 12th Dec 0100
Thu 13th Dec 0600

Al Jazeera Arabic (AST)
Sat 8th Dec 2205
Sun 9th Dec 0305 & 1405
Mon 10th Dec 0505
Tue 11th Dec 1805
Wed 12th Dec 1305

Read the full text of the Al Jazeera Press Release here.


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