The new found roles of Aung San Suu Kyi in the post-Obama visit

Out of its desire to save their most distinguished visitor - President Obama - from presidential embarrassment Naypyidaw waited 10 days before firebombing Buddhist monks at Lat Pa Daung, near Monywa.

Then President Thein Sein and his team defended the 29 November firebombing of unarmed and peaceful monks as protest dispersing act fully 'in line with the rule of law'.

Now the rule of law has become a magic wand.  The concept has been emptied out of any substance.

Officially, the wand is in the hands of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on the Rule of Law, another substance-less entity in the country where decisions are made - and will continue to be made -  by a clique of men, in uniform or in skirt, with experience in 'national security matters'.  

That effectively rules out the idea of Aung San Suu Kyi or any presidential advisers with western PhDs - not from Yangon or Mandalay universities - and, more importantly, their political ambitions, hidden and not-so-hidden.    For some of these presidential parasites, ceremonial roles may be good enough to keep on whoring themselves, ultimately, in the service of murderous tyrants in Naypyidaw.  But, that's a story for another day.

As with the Nobel Lady in Naypyidaw, she is vested with no power other than the power to feed the Burmese public the monkey meat -

"I will try my best to solve the conflict (over the Chinese-Burmese military mining project) peacefully".  "Thank you, Mummy!" the crowd thundered approvingly.

Incredible words uttered 36 hours after the monks' skins peeled off during Naypyidaw's pre-dawn military-style operation against the camps.

Indeed she has now taken on multiple challenges, playing new roles, some obvious and others not so obvious.

1) assure foreign investors that Myanmar will honor contractual agreements signed by the direct military dictatorship of Senior General Than Shwe, however ecologically devastating and economically destructive to hundreds of rural communities across the country - dam, mining, logging, new plantation projects, "special economic and industrial zones";

2) placate the wretched of Myanmar which suits the ruling military, China, and cronies;

3) continue to serve as a smokescreen for foreign governmental interests who talk the talk of "human rights", but pursue the 'balance-of-power' policy in Burma (remember the Cold War and US foreign policy?);

4). helps cover up, unwittingly and out of her own self-interest of riding into Presidential Office in 2015 with the military's blessings, the real nature of the generals' reforms - that is, the military's pursuit of its core interests by another name; and

5) misuses her moral authority in the apparently racist and hypocritical ways not as human rights defender but rather as the newly fashioned "dispute mediator" between the military and foreign commercial interests on one hand, and the increasingly disenfrenchised and angry Burmese communities on the other.

She showed up in the upcountry district of Monywa the day after the firebombing of anti-Chinese mine protesters.   

But even the generally sympathetic mainstream corporate and (foreign) governmental media such as the Voice of American and AP asked damning questions as to why she was travelling to the Burmese heartland where 3 dozen monks were injured, but not to Western and Eastern Burma provinces of Arakan and Kachin state where roughly 200,000 Rohingya and Kachin refugees have suffered devastation of their communities, thanks to the policies of her business partners in Naypyidaw, namely President Thein Sein and his military comrades.

The sad reality is Burmese public remains extremely feudal and vulnerable to the racist and feudal mobilization by the ruling and un-ruling elites, be they Thein Sein's men and their anti-Muslim ethno-religious mobilization or the NLD's Dear Leader and her playing the "I-am-an-honest-politician-and-I-won't-sell-you-down-the-river card" card with the desperate masses, who view her like a demi-god, as opposed to a politician with her own personal interests, calculations and agenda.  

We call this scenario "the mad monk in a wobbly boat" - Hpone Gyi Yoo Hnae Hlae Loo, meaning it gets madder and madder!


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