The Lady on Leash and the Snaky Generals: A Tale of Myanma's "Extraordindary" Reforms

 Snakes with new skins will still be venomous.

Contrary to reform hypes from the media, International Crisis Group, the IMF,  the World Bank, EU, ASEAN and western governments ,  President Thein Sein and his ruling circle are torching the country, literally.

First, there is an active war in Northern Burma.

Naypyidaw deliberately broke the written ceasefire agreement of 17 years with the Kachin Independence Organizing, calculating that China would approve of clearing Sino-Burmese buffer region of any security threat to Chinese interests and that the KIA was a sitting duck - like the Kokant Han Chinese drug-related groups. (and that they were about to bag Aung San Suu Kyi and that the West was desperate to get back in the "balance of power" vis-a-vis China over Burma and SEAsia).

Second, the large scale destruction of wholesale Rohingya and Muslim communities across Western Burma - Arakan State.  

There is ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya and other Muslims in Western Burma, again in areas which are important commercially and strategically to both the Burmese military and the Chinese interests such as Special Economic Zone, the start of the 2,800-kilometer long pipelines, deep seaport, naval facilities, etc. 

Third, burning of large scale protests which united monks, intellectuals and rural communities against the copper mine project in a place called "Kyae Sin Taung" or "Pure Copper Mountain" in the Burmese heartland of Dry Zone.  

Curiously, the pre-dawn - 3:30 am? - crackdown was launched by the security troops the night before the Lady was scheduled to speak to the protesters.

What that in part signals is this:

After the regime has bagged the Lady they have put a leash on her  is not long enough to let her go, interact, hear from and speak to the growing civil society protesters who demand nothing short of the cancellation of the country's largest  - and most destructive - mining project.

 She is allowed to give speeches around the world endorsing the military's  realignment of its core strategic interests.  As Chairwoman of the Parliamentary "Rule of Law" Committee, she can make noises in the military-controlled Parliament, but she can't block Naypyidaw's un-lawful crackdown against un-armed peaceful protesters who ask the regime to uphold its own Nargis Constitution - promote the welfare of the people and protect the Environment.

Snakes with new skins will still be venomous.  Or is it a tale of leopards not changing their spots, as they say. 

So much for the reforms.  


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