Today's hasty moves Washington will regret in the years to come

Tricky Dick of Watergate Fame (the late President Richard Nixon) went to then Peking in 1972 as part of the Cold War Strategy, exploiting deep USSR-Maoist China rift. It was a 'victory lap'. Kissinger paved the way for it.

After Mao's death, Deng, a one-time employee of France' Total Oil in Paris, decided that the only way to move forward was play catch-up with Western Capitalists. Now Washington feels most threatened by the awakened Tiger.

Forty years after Nixon's triumphalist visit to Peking, Obama is heading towards Than Shwe's Naypyidaw, primarily showcasing his Asian 'pivot' policy in a Nixonian style.

The scary thing is the Americans hardly know the way these Naypyidaw-men operate - most deceitfully. They are ruthless domestically, but brilliant when it comes to reading the international geo-political and geo-economic maps. They beat every single contemporary among the club of rogue states. And they are in absolute control of the levers of power.

However crude and crass, the generals are playing an extremely smart game with the Americans - and everyone else. That is, everyone that wants a piece of Burma.

These men in silk skirts are getting the Americans wrapped around their fingers. They have already bagged the Lady, once staunchest and most principled opponent now with a 'soft spot' for the Army and being on the same page with Naypyidaw on the genocide of the Rohingya - and the war against the Kachin as well (?). They have dangled before her a Presidential possibility in 2015.

Similarly, they are dangling the idea of China-weaned Myanmar before Washington's eyes. And Americans are getting ahead of themselves.

Just think about Beijing's deep economic and cultural penetration in the whole of upper Burma. The two pipelines. The deep seat ports, The mega development projects temporarily suspended. China is biting its time. Time is on a different scale in Beijing. Kissinger once asked his Chinese counterpart when the latter though of the French Revolution - AD 1789. The answer was "it is too early to judge". That was in 1972.

But, Washington's signature combination of ignorance and arrogance is propelling the freshly re-elected Decider to pursue hasty policy moves on Burma. Their dark consequences of his decision will not become apparent in the next single, double or triple US election cycles.

Remember the Middle East? It's been an inferno, and US is pulling out as Islamist regimes show the Americans the door.

Call me an irredeemable pessimist. Burma's new rounds of troubles have just begun.

Un-ending ethnic conflicts, resource curse, theater for geopolitical games, Islamic awakening, the rise of "Buddhist" fascism, the State coming apart from the seam, etc.

Washington will regret Obama's visit in years to come.
Again by the time it realizes how badly today's decisions to cuddle the genocidal generals in Naypyidaw panned out the damage to the Burmese will have been done.

China will keep on smiling.


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