ICG: Mistaking President Thein Sein's Pace-Maker for the (non-Existent) Peace-Maker in Him

International Crisis Group has shown remarkable intellectual inability to distinguish between Pace-Maker and Peace-Maker when it comes to their manufactured icon - President Thein Sein of Myanma. 

Evidence has been un-earthed that Burma experts with the ICG have been unable to distinguish PACE-MAKER President Thein Sein wears and PEACE-MAKER, which the President is not.

Where are the reforms that Obama, Suu Kyi, Cameron, Ban Ki-Mon, Ashton, etc., as well as the International Crisis Group have been lauding?

To add insult to injury (of the Burmese people), the ICG even went so far as to decide to confer on Myanmar's ex-general and President Thein Sein with its top honor - In Pursuit of Peace Award.

An empirical study of Burma over the past 5 years negates the hyped-up image of Thein Sein's "reforms", "progress", "democracy", and you get the drift.

First, re-jailing of the 88 Generation Student who led the Consumer Price Protest (Aug 2007)

Then, the slaughter and raid against the Saffron Monks (Sept and Oct 2007)

Afterwards, the blocking of emergency relief to the Cyclone Nargis victims (May 2008)

A year later, The Lady's turn - John Yettaw the Swimmer trial and extension of the Lady house arrest (2009), which conveniently allowed the regime to keep Suu Kyi locked up until after 10 November Generals' Election

Then came the counting of dead-people as voters, granting the Rohingyas to vote - in the generals' election and disenfranchisement of thousands of ethnic minorities in Eastern and Northern Burma (Nov 2010)

Later, it was the turn of the politically non-pliant Kachins (Naypyidaw's calculated breaking of the 17-years ceasefire, 2011)

This year (June 2012) saw the final push against the Rohingya in the form of the State-backed "sectarian violence" against them

This morning (29 November 2012) the regime is showing its true colours to the Burmese public and the world:

President Thein Sein's troops used 'fire bombs' against the monks, civilians, etc, who were asleep in their protest camp.

(Don't forget Thein Sein chairs the National Defense and Security Council).

So much for the hype about Thein Sein's reforms.  The Burmese public should call for Thein Sein's immediate resignation.

What is the Nobel Lady in Waiting doing instead of providing leadership in the people's darkest hours of need and anguish?  She has failed to be "the voice of the voiceless" Rohingya and the Kachin.

Is she going to fail the rural communities and the Buddhist monks again?

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  1. You are holding Thein Sein solely accountable for what the government has essentially done in the past year. The president might have the chair but he does not alone possesses the say or the veto go up against majority of the power holders in the military. If he makes too many oppositions those top dogs in the military will see him as a threat and remove him from position.

    You have to always play smart and make compromises. He might be no hero but he did bring about changes that were unimaginable just a couple of years back.

    Before criticising, make your own assessment as to how and if at all you could have done better in his position.


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