However sugar-coated, American Ideas are about American Interests, Maung Zarni

The United States is helping spread many ideas/ideologies in Burma. Some good. And Some bad. But beware: the British Raj who built Burmah Oil Corporation College (later Rangoon University) didn't bother to purchase and import Des Capital for the library at the time Marxist and Socialist ideas were the main ideological/intellectual framework of most nationalist students, teachers and intellectuals. 

By and large the ideas the West is exporting to Burma are the ones that reinforce Western/capitalist hegemony.

That's why, Francis the-last-man Fukuyama has been imported while Franz Fanon is not. (Fanon is long dead,  but left powerful ideas that have influenced Black Power movement and other revolutions, including the fight against racist, existential and class domination,

But thou shall know thy enemy.

Study the Orwellian neo-liberalism: state bad, market good, reshape the State for profit's sake.  But do know that neo-Liberalist institutions and ideas are going to slit your mother's throat for a dime. 

It is not that Reaganite-Thatcherite "Free Traders & Marketeers" see the State as useless and undesirable. They  just want to reform the State so that profit can be maximized for the moneyed class, the class perpetually put their representatives in the White House and Whitehall.

State/government/public, to them, is bad only insofar as it hinders the un-fettered sucking of profit out of Nature, Labor and Market. 

If the State can be made to be 'market- and investor-friendly' the bigger the merrier, or so goes this Ideology packaged as "Economics". 

That is one of the major reasons economists always have a seat at the policy head table, despite the voodoo-ness of their 'science'.

Revolutionaries, thinkers, sociologists, activists, etc are useless when it comes to profit maximization. "


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