Authorities Nurture Burma’s Buddhist Chauvinism, Analysts Say

Burma's Buddhist monks stage a rally to protest against minority Rohingya Muslims in Mandalay
September 2, 2012.

“These generals are considered monk killers. And, you know, the world [has] seen images of like troops shooting Buddhist monks in the Saffron Revolution. Now, they have successfully refashioned themselves as defenders of Buddhist faith, protectors of Buddhist communities in western Burma. And, it’s actually extremely brilliant, if dangerous, you know, political calculation.”

Maung Zarni

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  2. Hey Zarni (fake doctor), STOP your BIAS one side. You went to Rakhine and made an assessment that was unfair and biased toward one side (Rohingyas Muslim). Why did you neglect innocent Rakhines and Buddhists? We don't insult Burma citizenship law 1982. Why illegal Bengali Rohingya got license to DESTROY and KILL Rakhines in Burma and Buddhists at Cox's bazar, Bangladesh? Why you agree and allow Bengali Rohingyas to do on terrorism? You never say that Bengali Rohingyas are no good. You always say that Rakhines are no good. We have documents about you received BIG BRIBE money from some muslim organizations.

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