Why did President Thein Sein form the Inquiry Commission, if his intention was not to uncover truth?

Why did President Thein Sein form the Inquiry Commission, if his intention was not to uncover truth?  Aside from the very real possibility that a real inquiry will point to the fact that his government instigated the latest anti-Rohingya violence for a myriad of strategic reasons.

Why did the politically known entities even bother to join the commission?

Here is my analysis:

Second question, first.

Different rationales for different commissioners. For some like Zarganar and 88-generation's certified lead Racist Ko Ko Gyi, it was better to be 'in' than outside of this process. For the racists, this was an opportunity to get their version of events certified and their racist views enshrined in the Commission's official report. Yet for others, any signifier of POWER - words like "president" "parliament" "commission" - makes them wag their tails, ready their tong for licking generals' testicles and want to bask in their 2-minutes of limelight. And I can go on and on and on. 

Thein Sein and his senior bosses behind the stage/scenes formed the Commission, stacked it with a number politically highly respected individuals, publicized the line-up of the commission for public relations gain, and dampened international enthusiasm for outside, independent commission from OIC or UN and decided that they would deal with the Commission, in due course and as the situation developed. Thein Sein squeezed every drop of PR benefit from the commission's line-up - read the UNGA speech transcript and see what I mean. 

The commission served the IMMEDIATE GOAL of preempting the idea of outside, independent commission to investigate the violence in Arakan.

When that goal was met, (through a combo strategy of letting the Turkish delegation in, playing nice with the OIC delegations, playing humanitarian, in the eyes of the UN and INGOs, with the survivors of the latest Rohingya cleansing, quietly attempting to exploit the internal divisions within the OIC suc as Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Islamic countries, as well as bending over backward in its dealing with Washington and other western entities) Naypyidaw junked the old game of optimally cooperating with the OIC.

Naypyidaw found 'people power' - by stoking the not-so-latent typical neo-fascist anti-Kular, anti-Muslim RACISM among the public at large. 

Now Naypyidaw of course is complying with the "people's wish" NOT to have any 'nigger' organization open an office. 

A "MOU" means nothing. Ask the Kachins and others who have signed or reached ceasefire deals with the Burmese regime. They can tell you how twisted and untrustworthy the military strategists are.

Forget President Thein Sein and front-line monkeys on Naypyidaw's stage. 

The ones who are making real strategic decisions don't bother to talk to media, opposition, diplomats, INGOs or PEOPLE!

19 October 2012


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