The way to combat neo-fascist Rakhine and Bama "Buddhist" racism

To all my friends of Islamic Faith, particularly of the Rohingya ethnic background,

The way to combat neo-fascist Rakhine and Bama "Buddhist" racism is NOT an "Islamically-grounded" counter-racism.

It is HUMANISM - that we are all human beings, who want a safe and happy life for ourselves and for the ones we love, despite our superficial differences of customs, faiths and ideologies.

Buddhist teachings do NOT condone or justify what the Rakhine racists are doing to your fellow Muslims, that is, slaughtering the Muslims and Rohingya and purging Southern and Eastern Arakan State of other Muslims and the Rohingya Muslims.
There are still NON-racist Rakhine who have lived integrated lives - are still living - and who are so sickened and hear-broken by what Racist Rakhines are doing in their name and in the name of Buddhism.

Racism cannot be combated by a reverse or counter-racism in the name of another faith.

What we are witnessing is NOT Buddhists engaged in slaughter and destruction of Muslims.

It is simply hate-filled racist, fascist, murderers slaughtering Muslims and Rohingya Muslims in the name of Buddhism, national security, and Rakhine-land.

We should see right through this murderous philosophy, i.e., neo-Fascist racism of Burma - and not attribute it to Buddhism, or entire Rakhine people or Burmese people.

Otherwise, we will remain locked in a vicious cycle of Racism and Fascism.


  1. Dr. Zarni is absolutely right. Hatred would only beget hatred. The right way to defeat ultra-racist Rakhine and Bama Fascism, which is increasingly looking like a carbon copy of Nazism, is genuine humanism by realizing that Rohingyas have as much right in our time and planet as anyone else to live with dignity, safety and security with all the rights that we enjoy.

  2. I strongly hope that Mr Zarni's more engagement could bridge a maximum understanding between the Buddhists and Muslims in and out side Arakan.

  3. 1st of all, all the praises be to the Lord of both worlds and 2ndly salute to honorable Dr. Zarni( the champion of the lover of truth of 21st century around the world).actually Dr. zarni deserved to be admired by his exposing the hidden truths worldwide n not only Burma.according to this saying: barking dog seldom bites, all are not people that are in the let them bark those are ignorant hopeful that sir dr. zarni will never refrain from exposing such truths concern Myanmar ignorant monks n uncivilized government officials,immoral politicians,impolitic is time for Myanmar regime to be aware to stop racism n to endorse firmly to democracy.of course right now Myanmar has decreased wise people but increased much more times the quantity of depraved quality people such as president thein sein,NLD high rank members, 88 gen student ko ko g, mya aye, RNDP head vet. aye maung,etc.let’s learn how to respect and how to be respected by defame to racism,chauvinism,etc.again, salute Dr, zarni.dear sir zarni u will never die from this world spiritually though u would die physically.actually the people who are inside Burma cannot differentiate falsehood n truth due to the endorsing racism to the Buddhist community by former general newin.


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