The Rohingyas through the Burmese generals' eyes

According to a regime official I spoke to yesterday, Naypyidaw's view towards the burning and killing of the "Bengali" - their reference to the Rohingya - is this: Taliban and Hezbollah are moving into Western Burma now!

 All sick national security doctrines are self-fulfilling.

The Pentagon and CIA want to have a toehold in Burma out of its Design against the rising China. Beijing will make counter-moves. Japan and its anti-Chinese Defense Establishment will jump on the American wagon. The Burmese generals are neo-fascists. Saffron-robed monks are morphing into Burmese skin-heads. The majority Bama public are deeply racist and anti-Muslim. Noble dissidents talk the talk of human rights, but don't walk the walk. The post-independence civil war of 60-plus years is raging on.  The Wretched of Burma will be radicalized.  The bulk of the multiethnic population is not only deeply impoverished, but little or ill-educated.

Oh, there will be ASEAN Free Trade which will pin the Burmese down for the economic rape.

Burma's future is bleak.


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