The Lady's Silence, Myanmar's Ethnic Cleansing and Myopic Ethno-Nationalism

The Lady, if herself a no racist, is certainly surrounded by ethno-nationalist racists - Rakhine, Bama, civilian, ex-generals, etc - who verifiably lack a national humanistic vision or compassionately democratic values - beyond the Orientalist understanding of people as 'blood-based'. 

The country's future is really, really bleak. the level of hatred, hostilities and resentment - all piled up over the past 50 years of racist neo-Fascist military rule is only beginning to find cracks. 

Any religious and ethnic group in numerical minority should be weary: ironically, this ethno-hatred of population can turn against the now genocidal Rakhines themselves. 

The myopic Bama nationalists are insane, but they are rational - in that they will never dare venting hostilities against Chinese and Chinese interests - because Mandalay, the epic centre of mass hatred towards Chinese - is too close to Beijing. 

Post-Mao China is not going to sit on its hand - unlike Mao's China which did nothing to stop Indonesia's massacre of Indonesian-born Chinese. the Chinese in Indonesia subsequently changed their names! Such is the outcome of despicable mass Fascism. 

In the colonial period following the Great (Stock Market) Crash of 1929, the Burmese turned on the Indian, particularly money-lending Chitteyers, a subset or caste of Tamis from Tamilnadu, although, according to the late eminent historian Dr U Than Tun, were less ruthless than Bama money lenders and Chinese lenders, because ethno-nationalists always need a weaker party to scapegoat. The farmers later turned against the British Imperial Rule - and they were all massacred. So, the Burmese have decided that the less exploitative, but more vulnerable Indians - the Kulars! - were more fun to beat up, abuse and kill. For to paraphrase George Orwell, behind the protection of a million bayonets, the Raj's civilian officers ruled "the natives".

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  1. I respect every religions such as Christianity, HIndu, Islam, Buddhism. But I hate liars , terrorisms, terrorists people, fake documents, and fake stories and hyporicrisy.
    I mean "carry fire in one hand and water in the other To be duplicitous, to engage in double-dealing; to be two-faced, to speak with forked tongue. The expression comes from Plautus; it continues “to bear a stone in one hand, a piece of bread in the other.” Thus, the expression indicates that a person is prepared to act in totally contradictory ways to achieve his purposes."

    Please Watch this video because it is very important for Burmese and Buddhists.

    This is true!!! And you guys know that who first attack? It is ROHINGYA!!! They first attack to rakhine and tell the world "HELP HELP !! RAKHINE PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING US! PLEASE PITY US.. And cry front of EU, UNHCR, and everywhere in the world, etc..." So is not it hypocrisy?

    And not only lie by mouth, but also with FAKE PHOTOS, FAKE DOCUMENT, FAKE VIDEOS.. "Example please watch these attached these video. =Rohingya Bengali Muslim fake photos part 1 = Rohingya Bengali Muslim fake photos part 2 =Rohingya Bengali Muslim fake photos part 3 =Rohingya Bengali Muslim fake photos part 4 = Muslim Fake war crime video Burmese sub

    Please share those videos if you love the truth.
    Share on facebook, twitter, GMAIL, etc.. that you have social account in everywhere.

    Thanks again,
    Yothar Kyozar


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