About Rants and Rats

I rant.  And I rant too much, so say my friends and foes.  Who is my audience, they ask?

Here is my thoughts on the subject: styles of Communications versus structures of interests and ideologies

It matters not whether I whisper, pillow-talk or speak with a moderate tone.   There are structures of interests and delusions that block what the powers that be don't want to hear.

So, the issue here really, is about rants and rats.  

My style of communications is not a problem. 

I know how to talk - my father made a living as a tactical talker: a broker.  I learned to speak while crawling around him closing business deals.

I have chosen to speak the way I speak because I think most institutions are run by scums who won't hear you out unless what you are saying resonates with them, advances their hidden agendas or  is what they need and want to hear.  

My religion may be 'to do good in this world" as the late Thomas Paine professed the idea to be his faith.

But I certainly don't count on their good will in order to "do good".  I have as yet to see the evidence that would make me enamored with the virtues of the benevolence of power, that is, the benevolence of scums, sharks and whores that climb to the top on the pile of skeletons and corpses.  

Obviously, my audience isn't the delusional and the depraved.  I am sure they wouldn't invite me to dinner either!


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