Nothing threatens ultra-nationalist Rakhine Fascists like the peaceful co-existence of Muslims and Buddhist communities

‎"dear sir,Kyauk Ni Maw is under's started at 7:30am local time. the security personals fired warning shots.the Rakhine terrorist are determined to wipe out kyauk ni maw before noon today.when i m typing this massage somthings very bad feeling goning on in my inner mind."

Kyauk Ni Maw has about 400 Rakhines and over 6,000 Muslims - who have been descendants of Arab and Persian traders from centuries back. 

This is also a model community where Rakhine Buddhists and Muslim communities have lived peacefully integrally for centuries. 

The ultra-nationalist Rakhine - led by Bangali-Rakhine Member of Parliament Aye Maung and his cohorts-- are reportedly trying to wipe out this majority Muslim community.  For nothing threatens these 

The eminent attack on Kyauk Ni Maw has nothing to do with the perceived migration of the Rohingya from Bangladesh. It is a plain old Fascism, with the anti-Muslim and anti-Rohingya twist. That's what prompted Chris Lewa of the Arakan Project to say the issue is about 'anti-Islam' racism of the nationalist Rakhine, the strain of racism that is institutionalized within the Burmese military as an institution which has succeeded in purging the country's armed forces of non-Buddhists, most particularly Muslims and Christians.  


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