Myanmar as Asian Development Bank's Asian Tiger?

Myanmar as Asian Development Bank's Asian Tiger?: A Delusion on a Cosmic Scale

Numbers about human capital base tell a different and more truthful story:

Bama Rohingya refugees on Western Burma: 60,000 and counting

Kachin refugees on Eastern Burma: 80,000 and counting

Karen and other multi-ethnic refugees and IDPs in Eastern Burma: officially about 150,000 (?), but realistically over 500,000

Shan refugees: about 300,000 on Thai soil, but they don't exist because the Shans are not recognized as refugees in Thailand - (No official definition no empirical existence.)

Pockets of sub-Saharan conditions in Shan State, Dry Zone, Western Burma and Chin Hills

The number of ghostly villages with no labor force because all able body men and women left the country in search of jobs and opportunities across S. East Asia: COUNTLESS

Burma's skilled and unskilled migrant workers: about 2-3 millions most of them in Thailand

Another Burmese labor force scattered across the US: no exact stats, but more than 300,000 in the USA alone.

What is left in Burma:

400,000 soldiers who specialize in extortion, loot, rape, pillage, torture, execution and persecution

another 400,000 Buddhist monks who live off "Buddhist" public and its labor while spreading the State-orchestrated Anti-Buddhist message of Hate

another 0.25 million veterans of the Burma Army or Tatmadaw who are on state welfare

another 0.5 million members of the state bureaucracy most of whom are either professional incompetent or irredeemably corrpt, or both

99.9% of the Burmese "university" graduates who do not know what their first degrees BAs, BScs, BEds, BComs, BEngs, M.B.B.Ss., BVet, BAgri, etc. stand for

35% of all Burmese youth who never finish beyond 4th Standard/Grade

MYANMAR EGRESS' graduates who, after 3-months of crash course in nation building, leadership, public speaking and so on, think they are shoe-ins to become Presidential Advisers or "New Era Guru". (Egress was founded by those self-styled "king-makers" with deep ties to the dreaded Special Branch, with the purpose of training political wheeler-dealers and re-channel youthful energy into half-baked technocratic endeavors like serving the Generals)

This list goes on and on and on.

And you still think 'reformed and reconstructed Myanmar' - currently war-, conflict- and poverty-stricken - is a potential candidate to become the next Asian tiger?

We'd be lucky if we leave our 'stray dog' national standing in a generation!

Remark: Some of the stats are my own fabrications. Anyone who works with statistics would know that numbers, not just narratives, can be manufactured. So, take it or junk it, whatever your political purpose. But my essential thesis here holds: Burma will be lucky to end its 'stray dog' status in 2025.


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