Myanmar as ASEAN's Bosnia

The Pentagon and CIA are welcome in Burma.

OIC's relief office is NOT. 

This is the essence of "reforms" in Burma, yes, those reforms Aung San Suu Kyi has endorsed. 

Why did Naypyidaw renege on its official agreement to let OIC open a humanitarian affairs office in Burma?
Simple: OIC presence would have been rather inconvenient for the reforming Burma in times like these when the Rohingya properties and houses are burned down, families driven out like stray dogs, OIC would be bearing witness to the continuing on-again off-again periodic ethnic cleansing of these people on their own birthplace. 

Buddha forbids that OIC takes videos and pictures of Rohingya villages burning, children and women slaughtered and neo-fascist state and racist society act in collaboration towards their shared mission of ridding the country of Muslim Rohingyas. 

This is BOSNIA - except that ASEAN is no NATO. 

Here is the latest: 

from Lynn Lee

about an hour ago

Latest from our Rohingya contact in Rakhine state: "today at about night 10:00pm, Rakhine peoples fired Zaliya village (Rohingya village) in Minn Bya township, Arkan,Burma. According to immediate news,the whole Muslim village was almost burnt down,there were nearly 300 houses was burnt and the amount of death is unknown yet. help us Rohingya."


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