Human Rights in Burma? It would be a nice idea

Here is my rambling for the day - in response to Pentagon and US security establishment's attempt to 'help democratize' Aung San Suu Kyi's Myanmar (See "US defence officials meet Burmese counterparts")

Washington, by all indications, is desperate to make 'friends' in the region or rekindle old 'friendship' with the militaries in the SEA region such as Burma's. For the first 25 years of military dictatorship, Washington supported at worst and looked the other way at best when Ne Win pursued murderous policies towards its own peoples, both the dominant Bama and the second class non-Bama citizens.

You'd be surprised what it will do to re-establish itself as the preeminent power in Asia and Pacific.

Senior officials are going around looking for locations for new military bases as well as access to docking US war ships. This is all contributing to the heightened level of militarization in the region. Of course, US and UK arms industries love this. As one Aussie diplomat put in, "we prefer a rule-based international order, but it's not going to happen any time soon.  So, we are building up our own 'defenses'".

Paranoia and imperial designs have been with (delusional) men (and women) in power since time immemorial.

"Progress"? Don't count on it. Powerful men and women are among the most depraved and deluded soul-less creatures.

The difference between Beijing's Resource Imperialism wrapped in "harmony among nations" and Washington's liberally-tongued Imperialism is in the degree of sophistication, and in the modes of operation. In kind there is no difference. Like any imperial design, both stink, are immoral, dehumanizing and ought to be pushed back.

Only fools would choose one type of imperial disease over the other.


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