Genocide and Human Rights -101 for Myanmarese "Human Rights Defenders"

This could be a tailored tailored and timely course for the new Myanmarese?)

Tell your nearest or favorite "Burmese human rights defender" about this round-table. 

After 25 years of barking "human rights", "revolution of the spirit" "freedom from fear" (of loosing the military's support for one's Presidential ambitions) the Burmese opposition needs a Human Rights and Genocide 101.

I am sure EU, the eventual outcome of gas chambers (to prevent future ones) and located on the very site of the world's largest genocide in history only 60 plus years ago, will be happy to pay for our esteemed "fellow dissidents" to attend, give speeches, or send opening keynote speeches.

P.S. I would be most grateful if you let me know of a human rights promoting patron, individual or organization, that might be interested in flying me business on A-380 and putting me up at either Kempinski Hotel Corvinus or Corinthia Hotel Budapest, with some pocket money - per diem is the term?? 

I would really like to contribute to the roundtable in that manner. I've been missing some free and fine wine and smoked salmon for some time now. 

The roundtable "Hate speech: The role of new media in the prevention of mass atrocities" is part of the Budapest Centre's "Prevention of genocide in practice series"


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