Burma's Self-destructive and Delusional Patriotism

14 October 2012

For the monks and lay public in Burma holding politically manipulated protests against an organization that officially represents 1.6 billion Muslims from 57 countries is not a sign of patriotism, strategic thinking or humanism - which incidentally Buddhist philosophy espouses.

It smacks of ignorance, racism and blind and narrow-minded nationalism.

These same crowds and men in Saffron robes - who knows what percentage of really practising monks or what percentage the military's moles in the Buddhist Order? - are sowing the new seeds of the country.

The Burmese ruling classes who profess to love the country have NOT been able to resolve even the existing problems, most importantly the political and economic systems, religious diversity and ethnic equality since independence in 1947/48.

Now these classes are involved in creating an entirely new set of potent problems. Not even the most virulent anti-Muslim forces in the Western world would not stage such ethno-religiously motivated protests against the world's largest Islamic organization, whatever the latter's flaws.

Anyone who feels optimistic about the country has not really looked the country's ugly realities, the existing and the emerging ones.

We cannot be too sure as to whether the unfolding reforms are reversible or not, nor can we confidently say "Myanmar will be a democracy in a decade".

But, we can be sure that if the long-standing issue of oppression and persecution of the Rohingya by the anti-Muslim racist State continues to be un-addressed peacefully radical "Islam" will pay unwelcome visits to the country in the foreseeable future. That is, if the current racist trend of anti-Muslim and anti-OIC trend continues, both in the ruling circle, with its certifiable disdain for Muslims of all stripes and colours, and state-mobilized popular Burmese "Buddhist" racism against "Kulars" or "niggers" of Burma.


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