President Thein Sein's puppet masters behind the scene

30 September 2012

President U Thein Sein is saying all the right things while his puppet masters behind the scene are doing all the bad things.

Ask the Kachin, the Rohingya, the Rakhine, the land-lost farmers, down-trodden workers, the professionals, and the bulk of the Burmese population, really.

On her part, the beautiful min-tha-mee or the Princess loves to perform. The audiences loose their mind.

This is Burmese theater, Zat Pwe. At some point a curtain will be drawn. The director (s) will move onto to next episode.

Well-known advisers, famous dissidents, Noble icon, etc. are all props in this Burmese theater orchestrated deep within Naypyidaw's bunkers.

Sanity and reason are virtues when all-around madness is enveloping in and about Burma. Half-century of dictatorship in Burma has produced a citizenry that is mad and hate-soaked.

Enjoy the Pwe while it lasts!


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